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 Monthly Meetings

Join us  at the Calvary Lutheran Church at 2820 Donald Street East -located at the intersection of Donald Street and Edward Street. We will meet on the third Monday of each month, September through June – our meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. with doors opening at 6:00 p.m. Pre-meeting demos start at 6:30 pm (see below for details). All are welcome.  Click here for a full listing of the dates, time and location…

Our next meeting will be: Monday, April 16, 2019. 

In preparation for the upcoming quilt show, Mary-Catharine will talk about putting hanging sleeves on your big quilts and other prep for putting your pieces in the quilt show. There will be a short program after this.

 Click here to download the Quill-March2019

Pre-meeting Demos with Peggy – join her in the library area starting at the January Guild Meeting –  6:15 – 6:45 pm. Join her for some fun blocks.

Quilt Show Guild Booth – patterns and ideas are listed here (including pin cushion patterns from Cindy)- try some

Click here for information about our past meetings and a schedule for our 2018-2019 meetings as well as details of our meetings from years past.


Superior Quilt Show 2019 

Dessert Social – $20 includes coffee, tea, fruit and dessert, ‘Creating with Colour – My Quilt Journey’ a trunk show by Jennifer Houlden, the awards presentation and door prizes!!! See Sharon for your ticket.

Creating with Colour – My Quilt Journey Jennifer Houlden;’s trunk show is called ‘Creating with Colour – My Quilt Journey’. Jennifer uses traditional patchwork and applique to create not so traditional designs. Learn about how she uses the colour wheel to help create stunning colour combinations in her eye catching quilts. As well learn how the use of value is paramount in creating her dynamic quilts – light, medium and dark values in just the right proportions. Movement is something that Jennifer strives for in her quilts and the use of colour is important in creating this feeling of movement through the design whether it be from the use of value or secondary designs within the quilt. Join Jennifer in her quilting journey as she discusses the use of colour in her quilts and designs and how colour and value work together to create magic in fabric and textile design.

Volunteers – time to sign up to help. Sign-up sheets will be at January meeting. More detailed job description will be available. Shifts are approximately 2 hours in length at any of the following areas: Admission Desk, Guild Booth, Greeter & Hostess – “Protectors of the Quilts”, Hospitality Booth, Social. For more information contact: Cathy c-britt50@hotmail.com / Linda boulterlindak@gmail.com

Workshops – Guest Instructor will be Jennifer Houlden a textile artist by passion and nurse by profession, who lives with her husband and dog in beautiful Muskokaquiltsbyjen.ca

For more information on Jennifer and the inspirations for her quilting is posted on the Superior Quilt Show page.

There will be two workshops:

   Twisted Log Cabin – May 24, 2019
This is a foundation piecing project which allows for accuracy and precision during sewing. The pieces are cut larger than needed so there will be some wastage of fabric. The paper acts as a stabilizer during sewing to help create the fine points in this pattern. Completed size is 36 by 36 inches.

   Mini Bargello Sunflower – May 25, 2019

Jennifer is very excited to teach you this technique of Bargello and applique. It is exciting to see it all come together and how each and every flower is different. Completed size is 20 by 20 inches.

Click here for more information – sign up at the next meeting.


PostCard Challenge (organized by the Possibilities Group) – Seasons

If you haven’t heard of them or seen the ones Cathy Ridley makes, postcards are tiny 4″ x 6″ quilts. They are built on Timtex (thicker, stiff interfacing). They may be quilted and often the ‘binding’ is satin stitching. Some are tiny works of art. Cathy will be offering a class in January or February if you want to learn how to make them. Read more here…The theme will be ‘Seasons’ which coordinates with the regular Quilt Show challenge. You can submit an unlimited number of postcards – you may choose your favourite season or do one for all 4 seasons. We will have a viewer’s choice prize per season. We will collect these at the April meeting, so we have time to organize the display.  Quilt Canada 2018 in Vancouver did a challenge last year and here are some examples if you want to see some examples of the winnersThey got over 1,500 entries.


Quilt Show Challenge – Spring Has Sprung!

Our quilt show in 2019 will be held when flowers are blooming and birds are happily nesting. The long winter will be over and the grass will be green. Help us to welcome spring by creating a challenge quilt to celebrate the arrival of spring in Thunder Bay. Northcott Fabrics has graciously donated 3 bolts of fabric for our challenge. These fabrics will be available to Challenge Participants at the March and April 2018 meetings. For more details click here.


Placemats – *New Patterns* added 

Sixty-one placemats were donated last month for Meals on Wheels. Congratulations, quilters! There was lots of beautiful work, and it can all be viewed on our Flickr site following the link below.

Remember that you can view pictures of our donated placemats on our Flickr site. If you want to make placemats using your own fabrics and patterns, we will also have labels available for you to add.

Comfort and Figit Quilts

There were 38 comfort quilts, six neo natal blankets and ten (10) 12 1?2 inch squares turned in at the February meeting. A huge thank you to everyone finishing up those comfort quilts from the Quilt Bee and other projects. We are keeping the quilts for show in May since many visitors appreciate seeing the donated items and some simpler patterns. Jackie Black is still using the Hinge Method and the Quilted Squares donated to make beautiful larger quilts. Please note that you can make any quilt square and then sandwich it with cotton or cotton/poly batting and a backing fabric to make a quilted square that should measure a minimum of 12.5 inches (so start with a 14 inch piece for backing and batting). Don’t trim your blocks as they may fray so blocks should be trimmed just prior to making the quilt tops. Almost any colours can be used but we recommend using a neutral (beige, red, blue, brown, black & white) backing and would like colours that will appeal to both males and females.

Comfort quilts collected from recent meetings were taken to Precious Bundles, Pinewood Court, and Hogarth Riverview by Committee Members. Click here for more information about our Comfort Quilts and other community projects.

Have you thought about making a Figit Quilt? Florence and I could provide you some tactile fabrics and notions to give it a try. Here is a great example of a fidget quilt. This is from ‘Man Quilting’ with Rob Apell. He has some great ideas on this fidget quilt. If you Google ‘fidget pillows’ you’ll see more examples made as pillows instead.


Florence and Pat



Quilt Bee – January 2019

The Big Quilt Bee for Charity was held January 26 & 27, 2019 and was a great success! We had a fantastic turn out and made one of the coldest weekends into a weekend of learning and charitable warmth. Thank you to everyone who participated in the weekend. The coming months will see numerous finished quilts turned in and we will have a beautiful display at the Quilt Show. Our charitable organizations will be thrilled with all of the quilts they will be receiving this year. We had over 35 quilts signed out for finishing! 4 quilts were finished at the bee and many more will be coming in soon (I’ve seen pictures of finished products as proud makers complete their quilts.) In addition, several neo-natal quilts were finished at the bee.

Thank you to the Quilt Bee participant.?Thank you to the organizing committee for the planning and preparation that went into this weekend. The organizing committee for the Bee this year included: Adrienne, Leona, Laura, Linda, Wendy, Fran, Aila, Cindy, Carol- Great Job to everyone!


For more information on the Quilt Bees and our Community Projects – click here.


Christmas Cheer Teddy Bear Quilts – 303- Thank you!

WE DID IT.!!!! We outdid ourselves and really surpassed our last year’s total. The Christmas Cheer Kick-off was Friday November 30th and the committee attended to put the stuffed animals and their quilts, pillowcases and sleeping bags out on display. This year there were 303 stuffed animals donated by Guild members. I want to thank all who contributed to this great cause. It was really something to stand in front of the TV camera and mention that last year we contributed 256 and this year it was 303. WAY TO GO EVERYONE.


For more details about this and other Community Service Projects click here.

We Won!!!!!! Thunder Bay Quilt Guild was the proud recipient of a $500 grant from Tbaytel for Good – the funds will be used to hold a two-day Quilt Bee to finish bed sized quilts!  More details on all the winners http://www.tbaytelforgood.net/winners/ . For more details about the January Quilt Bee – see below…


FAQs and Tips

Cindy has shared some great information about using Wonder Clips for binding.  Do you have any tips to share?  Click here for more…



Superior Quilt Show 2017 Winners

 Dorothy Mills1st Place Viewers Choice  Flights of Fancy

Winner of the Quilt Show Challenge.

The Guild will be be hosting their next Quilt Show in 2019! The organizing has begun – click here for regular updates.


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