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 Monthly Meetings

Join us for our Zoom meetings in 2020/2021.  We will meet on the third Monday of each month, September through June – our meetings begin at 7:00 pm  with Zoom opening at 6:00 p.m. All are welcome.

Our next meeting will be December 14, 2020.  The meeting with feature guest Christina Camelli who will discuss “How Do I Quilt This?”. The Zoom link will be emailed to members with the Quill.


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Click here for information about our past meetings and a schedule for our 2020/2021 meetings as well as details of our meetings from years past. 

Click here for the Guild’s Constitution and Procedural Manual.


Teddy Bear Quilt Drop Off – Saturday, November 21 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm

Calvary Church Parking Lot.  For more information please contact Peggy at pegskillen@tbaytel.net


Libs Elliott – Guest Quilter will be our featured guest quilter offering two workshops on  January 16 & 17, 2021. Libs will also be hosting a trunk show for all members.

Limited spaces available – to register please contact cridley@tbaytel.net.

Click here for more information.

Visit Libs Elliott’s website at www.libselliott.com


Sew Days are happening!

November 28, 2020 – CLE Coliseum Building

Anyone who would like to participate in future Sew Days please send me an email at ellen_lang@tbaytel.net and your name will be added to the list.

Sunday, November 15 and Wednesday, December 9  – via Zoom

Join us on-line from your sewing room.  A chance to get a project or two done while visiting with others.  And we are there if you need an opinion too.  Please email Cathy if you are interested in being added to the list at president.tbqg@gmail.com.  Space is limited.


Superior Quilt Show – May  26, 27, 28, 2023

Although our Quilt Show has been postponed – the Challenge is still on!

Information about the Challenge can be found here .

NEW – The challenge quilts will be displayed as part of the Grand Nations Crossroads fibre arts exhibition from July 13 – September 17, 2021 at the Thunder Bay Museum. Voting information to follow.

Keep checking this site for more details.


Placemats – *New Patterns* added 

There are three new placemat patterns and an updated Placemat Pattern Index below.

We are still asking members to keep completed placemats at home until such time as Meals on Wheels will be able once again to distribute them to their clients. Our thanks go to the Comfort Quilt Committee members for helping to distribute some placemat kits and labels in conjunction with their quilt drop-off events. If you are in need of labels for placemats that you are making with your own materials, please contact Doris at dorisd@tbaytel.net .

Each year our guild members make and donate over 400 placemats to be distributed to clients of Meals on Wheels in Thunder Bay. These placemats are a great opportunity for you to try a new technique, practice your machine quilting and binding skills, use up some scraps and get a satisfying “quick fix” of sewing. Recommended size for donated placemats is 12” x 18”. We have guild labels to be sewn in under the binding on the back of the placemats. At the moment, however, Meals on Wheels is not permitted to distribute anything beyond food to their clients, due to Covid-19 health and safety restrictions. We ask that you keep any placemats you have made to donate until such time as we can donate them once again.

There are lots of new patterns for placemats to try.  Download the handy revised Placemat Pattern Index (Nov20) and try one or two or all of them.  Patterns can been found here. If you need some labels, please contact Doris (dorisd@tbaytel.net ) to make arrangements to get a supply.

Happy Quilting!

Doris & Judy



Virtual Quilt Bee – January 30 & 31, 2021 

Thank you to everyone who is completing quilts for donation! We are doing a great job of keeping our recipients warm this winter. If you have finished a charity quilt and hand it in at a meeting please remember to let Adrienne, Leona or Wendy know so your name can be marked off the list. Remember to attach the guild label before handing it in. Thanks.

If you are in need of batting or backing, or if you’d like a kit to make a top, please email Adrienne. If you’d like to hand back a complete top to be quilted by others please contact Adrienne, Leona or Wendy. Thank you. Keep up the great work (quilting).

Click here for more details.

Any questions? Email Adrienne at alopes@tbaytel.net.


For more information on the Quilt Bees and our Community Projects – click here.



Please Note – The Library Committee is currently working on a plan in the works to allow members access to the Guild’s extensive collection online. We will update members when we can.

When we are back up and running the Library will open from 6 – 7 pm and during the break.  Members are allowed to sign out 3 books at a time. Did you know that Quilting magazines are available for free and discontinued library books are on sale for $2.50.

Try out one of the new rulers:

  • Non-slip Pineapple Trim Tool Mini (4″, 5″,6″) or the Regular (6″, 8″, 10″) size
    Quick Curve Ruler (Regular Size and Mini) with Runner Pattern
    Tucker Trimmer
    Wing Clipper
    Add-A-Quarter Inch Plus Ruler (12″ long and a 6″ mini)

Click here for more information on what’s new to borrow at the Library.


Andrea Tsang Jackson – 3rd Story Workshops – it was so great having Andrea with us for her workshops and trunk show.  Check out other opportunities this year, click here.

 Comfort and Figit Quilts

In February 27 lap-sized and 7 bed-sized comfort quilts were collected along with 2 neo natal blankets.  Figit quilts are small textured touchy/feely blankets or squares that are washable and safe for children and seniors. They are wonderful items to amuse and occupy time. We have some pattern suggestions if anyone is interested or there are lots of options if you search on the internet. We have some supplies of lace, textured fabrics and other notions so let us know if you want some starter materials.

The Committee is always reviewing and updating the list of locations that receives Comfort Quilts. If you know of any location that may benefit from receiving a quilt or quilts, please provide contact and background information. The aim has been to support facilities where quilts will be used multiple times and benefit the users. We don’t provide quilts to sell or give specifically to any individuals, however, Guild members often contribute their time for these other projects.

Jackie Black is piecing together larger quilts using the quilted 12 1/2 inch blocks. Please keep bringing them in. Blocks can be any pattern but we are requesting that colours be kept neutral so they can be used by male and female residents. Remember to sandwich larger (about 14 inch backing and batting) and leave them untrimmed. It is a wonderful way to try out a pattern you find in a magazine or on-line. Come find Jackie or me if you have questions.

Thanks goes out to the many quilters who contributed quilts, squares, time and so much support so far this year. We wish you Happy Holidays and a Wonder-filled New Year!

Just a reminder – Labels should be sewn on the back of the quilts flat so that they do not get caught on anything including fingers and toes.  The label that is sewn on flat is the correct way to sew them on. Click here for more information about our Comfort Quilts and other community projects.Have you thought about making a Figit Quilt? Florence and I could provide you some tactile fabrics and notions to give it a try. Here is a great example of a fidget quilt. This is from ‘Man Quilting’ with Rob Apell. He has some great ideas on this fidget quilt. If you Google ‘fidget pillows’ you’ll see more examples made as pillows instead.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=GhojSOjTAn4Florence and Pat


Christmas Cheer Teddy Bear Quilts – 380!!! 

I want to give a big thank you to my committee who tied up all the stuffed animals at the last guild meeting and also to those that were able to come to the Christmas Cheer Kick-off on Friday November 29 at the CLE Cardinal Room. It was a big job to tie up all 380 of the stuffed animals and bag them ready to be given out in a few weeks.

I also want to thank all the ladies of the Guild who contributed those 380 stuffed animals with their quilts and pillowcases. You really out did yourselves this year. I was very proud to be a member of the Thunder Bay Quilters Guild and stand before the TV camera to say that there were 380 stuffed animals donated by our Guild. WOW, how will we ever beat that total next year?

We hope to have some new stuffed animals to be given out to members at the next meeting.

Click here for more information on this wonderful project and some more great patterns to try like:


For more details about this and other Community Service Projects click here.


 FAQs and Tips

Aunt Marti’s 52 Quilts – Susie’s Magic Binding Tutorial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8N6nv90H2c

Binding a quilt without binding strips – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw_OBqG_nAI

Do you have any tips to share?  Click here for more…


Superior Quilt Show – May 26, 27, 28, 2023

Take a look at what we’ve done in our past shows –

Superior Quilt Show 2019

Viewers’ Choice Best in Show & Members’ Choice – Paradise in Bloom by Shirley Assaunt2nd in Viewers’ Choice – Full Bloom by Suzanne Mills

3rd in Viewers’ Choice – Friendship by Jeanette Dann

Winner of the Challenge – Joyce Gilmore

Best Booth – Road 17N

For more information about the Superior Quilt Show – click here


Superior Quilt Show 2017 

 Dorothy Mills1st Place Viewers Choice  Flights of Fancy


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