Welcome to the home of the Thunder Bay Quilters Guild – we are celebrating our 35th year.


Monthly Meetings

Join us  at the Calvary Lutheran Church at 2820 Donald Street East -located at the intersection of Donald Street and Edward Street. We will meet on the third Monday of each month, September through June – our meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. with doors opening at 6:00 p.m. All are welcome.  Click here for a full listing of the dates, time and location…

Our next meeting of next year will be: Monday, November 21. 

Click here for the Quill-October2016. Remember your Eye Spy Block Exchange (five 5 inch block of different fabric in a baggie). Click here for more details.


Christmas Cheer Teddy Bears 


Bring your Teddy Bear quilts, pillow cases or sleeping bags to the November meeting – these will be collected for the  Christmas Cheer fund.  Read more here.


2017 Quilt Show – April 28, 29, 30

There is no time like the present to begin to plan for the upcoming Quilt Show. Details of the Challenge have been posted here.  Guild Merchandise Table: Cindy will be doing some demo’s on various applique techniques before the meeting, starting around 6:15 pm. Why not try one or all of them? The patterns will be listed in each month’s meeting page as well as here.

Have you started your quilt yet?

1st Prize

2015 1st Prize- Shirley Assaunt

Click here to see the other 2015 winning quilts.

Check out the 2013 Show , the 2011 Show and the 2009 Show –  the quilts are incredible!


Thunder Bay Baggage Building Arts Centre – 3rd Annual Quilt Exhibition

The Baggage Building Arts Centre (BBAC) invites all Quilt Artists to submit for our 3rd Quilt Exhibition. This is an open call to Thunder Bay and regional Quilt Artists to submit quilted items including small wall hangings to large bed quilts and everything in between.

 Submission Deadline:  December 16th, 2016. Read more here. 


Quilt Bee 

 Finishing Bee-2016-04

Mark your calendars:

  • Cutting Bee – October 22, 2016 – 1:00 – 4:00pm – Superior High School – 2nd Floor
  • Quilt Bee – January 21, 2017 – 9:30 am – 4:00 pm – Oliver Road Community Centre
  • Finishing Bee – March 4, 2017 – 9:30 am – 4:00 pm – Oliver Road Community Centre

Read more about the Bees- click here

Thank you,  Adrienne

To read about more of your Community Service Projects click here.


Orlando Heart Quilts


Thanks to everyone who donated blocks which we sent to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild. 71 heart blocks and 6 slabs were donated to make three quilts to donate! Read about our donation in their newsletter here – http://theorlandomodernquiltguild.blogspot.ca/2016/08/meeting-minutes-wednesday-august-3-2016.html




The classes for 2016-2017 will be posted soon – consider signing up for one, or two.

If you are looking for a workshop on a certain topic, let the Executive know and they will find someone to teach it!



Thanks to everyone who donated placemats at the meetings! These placemats are dropped off at Meals on Wheels for distribution.For more information and patterns click here. If you’d like to take a look at everyone’s beautiful work check out the link below for photos at your leisure or the back of the donation quilt area at the meeting.


Possibilities Club

Interested in discussing the “possibilities” of quilting – join the Possibilities Club.

They meet the last Tuesday of the month – Home Ec room at Superior High School. For more details click here


Comfort Quilts


Figit Quilts – we will be looking for individuals to sign-up, if interested, in a Quilt Bee to work on Figit Quilts for Alzheimer and Dementia patients so please save your pieces of lace, fleece, ribbon, corduroy, minkie, zippers, Velcro, etc. for the fun work-together session. Sign up in September.

12 1/2 inch block Challenge – we will start to collect quilted squares starting in September so you can get a jump start over the summer. Every member is challenged to make at least one 12 1?2 block and quilt it by centering on a 14 inch neutral backing and cotton/cotton blend batting. The backing and batting need to be larger so squares can be put together later using the hinge method. Many locations have need for the bed-sized quilts and by making many squares, we will be able to put together larger quilts to meet the needs. Quilting of the square can be simply done by; stitch in the ditch, echo stitching, meandering, stabilizing star,…. Some points to remember to help with the collection.

  • Neutral backing fabric (beige, black & white, navy blue, brown, … ) at 14 inch square
  • Batting should be cotton or cotton blend
  • Fabrics should be 100% cotton
  • Any pattern and colour combinations for the 12 1?2 inch block (will finish as 12 inch block)

We encourage everyone to participate. There will be a prize draw and all you need is to contribute one square. More are welcomed.


Why Join a Guild?

read here for just some of  Pat’s reasons.. For more information click here to take you to the Membership page.


We’re Blogging

A number of our members are BLOGGING. Click here to see the links.  If you want to add your BLOG to the list email us the link (cridley@tbaytel.net).



Do  you have questions about border widths – read on here.

Read the articles on Specialty Threads

Part 1

Part 2


5 Bad Sewing Habits You Need To Quit Doing

1. Putting pins in your mouth

2. Not cleaning out your sewing machine

Did you know that your machine can catch on fire if you never clean it? It also can get so much lint build up that it simply stops working. And that’s a bad sewing habit that will make you sad.

3. Using your sewing scissors on something other than fabric

Now an experienced seamstress will know better, but someone new to sewing may not. Using your sewing scissors on anything other than fabric will dull them quickly. And if you’ve ever tried to cut with dull scissors you will understand why you would want to protect that from happening with your life.

4. Not measuring your model often enough

While this is huge when sewing for children, it is equally important for adults. If your child grew, or you add or lost a few pounds, your garment may not fit. This is a bad sewing habit that I am often guilty of due to pure laziness.

5. Not measuring your print square

This goes right up there with not measuring your model. Iif your print square is off, it can cause major fit issues. And do yourself a favor and measure the square before you spend all the time taping the pages together.

6. Cutting on the same spot of your cutting mat over and over

This is a bad sewing habit that can cost you money! While its tempting to always lay your fabric on a certain area and cut at the same place every time (especially when cutting the same size over and over), cutting in the same area can weaken your self-healing cutting mat and shorten it’s life.

7. Having bad posture while sewing

I’m the world’s worst at slumping while I am sewing. It can be a major pain in the back if you aren’t sitting properly with your elbows at right angles while you are sewing. This is especially true if you are working

for several hours this way! Be sure to supply a nice comfy chair in your sewing room, have your machine at the proper height, and sit up straight.

8. Not using a fresh needle for each project

This is another thing my grandmother used to tell me that I thought was ridiculous, but I’ve noticed a huge change in my stitch quality since I’ve started doing it. Plus, if you buy your needles in bulk from a place like Amazon, you won’t feel so guilty about changing your needles so often.

9. Not un-threading your machine properly

Did you know that the proper way to un-thread your machine is to clip the thread at the spool and then pull the cut thread from the needle end instead of just pulling it all through the machine when you take the spool off? Doing it the wrong way can mess up your tension disks on your machine. I must confess that this is a bad sewing habit that I do a lot. Pulling that spool out without clipping the thread first is just so darn easy!

10. Not taking your machine in for maintenance

This goes along with #2 and is especially important if you have a computerized machine. There are plenty of great authorized repair shops out there that will give you excellent customer service and take great care of your baby. Plus, it is often cheaper to maintain a sewing machine than it is to repair it once it’s been broken due to lack of maintenance.

11. Not laundering your fabric

Fabric, especially quilting cottons or knits, can shrink. And sometimes they can shrink a lot! Don’t put in all that time in effort to sew a beautiful garment only for it to not fit (or be horrible misshapen) after the first wash. Always launder your fabric in the manner you plan to maintain it after the garment it sewn.

12. Not ironing your seams

Or not using your iron period! If you are sewing properly, you should spend more time at the ironing station than you do at the sewing machine. It seems tedious, but I promise, you will notice a huge change in the quality of your work if you break the bad sewing habit of not ironing!

13. Not following pattern directions

Of course as a pattern designer I’m going to suggest you read the pattern. Now that’s not to say that you might have a technique you prefer over the one offered in the pdf sewing pattern. But at minimum you should be reading through the instructions once. Because a quality pdf sewing pattern has been tested, the instructions might include something you didn’t think of if you decide to go off on your own. I will admit, this is a super bad sewing habit of mine! I get in a sewing groove and often forget to read anything.

14. Procrastinating

We all do it. You are sewing your homemade Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve because you waited until the last possible second to get them done. Procrastination can ruin the joy of sewing. Not to mention it can make you sloppy and make you commit other bad sewing habits because you are trying to rush. Always be sure to give yourself plenty of time to finish your projects.

15. Buying new materials before checking your stash

This has got to be my #1 bad sewing habit of all time! I love buying fabric. I mean, who doesn’t? But I can’t tell you how many times I have bought something only to come home and find out that I had a near identical fabric waiting in my stash to get a little love. So always check your stash first before buying new fabric. Unless of course the new fabric you find is to die for. Then buy it and please send me some too.

Ok, be honest! How many bad sewing habits do you have? Just one or two? Do you do all of them? I sure hope not! Do you know of any other bad sewing habits that were not on the list? Let me know of any others you thought of in the comments section!


Click here to read more tips …



From the 2016 Quilt Bee – try the Cranberry Cheese Bread – recipe his here.  


If you have any comments or suggestions please email cridley@tbaytel.net.  Thanks for visiting.

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