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Quilt Bee – January 26 – 10 am – 9 pm – January 27 – 10 am – 4 pm @ the Oliver Road Recreation Centre

The Great Quilt Bee for Charity will be held on January 26 (Saturday. 10 am – 9 pm) and 27th (Sunday 10 am – 4 pm) at Oliver Road Community Centre with the goal of finishing quilts. We are planning a fun and productive weekend. Meals will be provided and as always, please bring dessert to share. We encourage you to participate and plan to attend as much of the weekend as you are able to attend.

All help is welcome at the quilt bee. We will require people to finish quilts but will also require helpers to iron backing, select, cut and press binding. We will have small tops that we will be finishing with the hinge method and we will have smaller quilts available for finishing as well. We will have quilts that just need binding put on them. Please don’t be intimidated by our goal of finishing bed quilts. You don’t have to work on large quilts if you don’t want to. We will have kits for quilt tops available for those who don’t want to do any machine quilting. We will also have a group of people making neonatal blankets – something we haven’t done in a long time. All help is appreciated.

Come on out and practice your machine quilting on some charity quilts! Cindy, Adrienne and many others will be there to help if you are not confident with your machine quilting.

Please plan to attend. We will have a sign up sheet at the January meeting but request that you email Adrienne ( in December to indicate if you are planning to attend so that we can plan the meals and quilts/kits in advance. In addition, if you are planning to attend, please let Adrienne know by email the following information:

  1. Planning to attend Saturday (full day/evening, partial day)
  2. Planning to attend Sunday (full day, partial day)
  3. Any food allergies or restrictions (we will try to accommodate)
  4. Willing to work on machine quilting project – yes/no
  5. Will work on other project – kit, neonatal blankets, general helper

The committee will be hard at work in January preparing for the Quilt Bee. We are looking forward to a wonderful and productive weekend.


Christmas Cheer Teddy Bears

WE DID IT.!!!! We outdid ourselves and really surpassed our last year’s total. The Christmas Cheer Kick-off was Friday November 30th and the committee attended to put the stuffed animals and their quilts, pillowcases and sleeping bags out on display. This year there were 303 stuffed animals donated by Guild members. I want to thank all who contributed to this great cause. It was really something to stand in front of the TV camera and mention that last year we contributed 256 and this year it was 303. WAY TO GO EVERYONE.

Every year the Thunder Bay Quilters Guild contribute to the Christmas Cheer fund by making quilts, pillowcases or sleeping bags for teddy bears or other stuffed animals. These are collected at the November Guild meeting. They can be handed in earlier if members know that they will not be at the November meeting. Please remember to take the price tags off the teddy bear and do not put labels on the quilts. These quilts and stuffies are from Santa.


The Teddy Bear Committee is a great way to contribute to your guild because the involvement is not all year long but only these times. Please think about joining this committee even if you are only available for one of the times needed. We are very appreciated by the Christmas Cheer Committee at the Kick-off and there is a free lunch supplied after their kick-off. The committee members will again be tying up the stuffed animals at the November meeting. These bears are handled 5 times before the child receives them and we found that this was the best way to keep them together with their quilt.

Here is a new pattern to try this year


Thank you, Peggy


Placemats for our Community – *NEW* Patterns

Some members have recently inquired as to how the labels should be attached.  Simply fold in half, wrong sides together, and encase the raw edges underneath the binding by attaching to the seam before completion.  The folded edge remains free, so that both sides are readable.

The Guild continues to supply clients of local Meals on Wheels with placemats. Recommended size is approximately 12” x 18”, so that they are large enough to hold a place setting. Your donation placemats can be dropped off at any guild meeting. You may use any pattern that you wish.

Here are some new links to patterns for placemats:

And some oldies but goodies:

If you need some more inspirations click here to view some beautiful placemats on Flickr. at

*Try one of these patterns and donate the placemat.

Doris and Judy 



Sign up at the January meeting.

The Quilt Guild hosts Quilt Bees for members to get together for a day to sew and create beautiful quilts for the Comfort Committee to distribute on behalf of the Guild to various charitable organizations, hospitals and homes throughout the community.  The Quilt Bee Committee organizes these Bees and coordinates kits, donation fabrics, patterns and all aspects of the Bee to allow the quilters to have a fabulous experience. If you are interested in helping out with the coordination of the Quilt Bees please sign up to be on the committee.    We generally get together a few times as we head into a Quilt Bee to do our planning.  In addition we get together for an afternoon of quilt kit preparation which is a fun experience that stretches your imagination and colour/quilt planning.

The Quilt Bee gladly accepts donations of quilting cotton.  If you are de-stashing and find a pile that you don’t want to look at any more, please consider donating it to the Quilt Bee Committee for use in kits.  Any donation is greatly appreciated and will be turned into beautiful quilts.  A small group of us got together over the summer to sort through the fabric and we have great plans for the fabrics we have for the coming year. 

Check out the stripe tutorial on YouTube that Cindy demo’d at the 2018 Quilt Bee:

If you finish your quilt top and would like to return it, please hand it in to Adrienne Lopes or any of the committee members at the meeting.  Make sure you provide your name and if possible, the quilt number so we can mark your name off the sign out list.   If you would like backing and batting to finish your quilt, please contact Adrienne at and provide the size, colour and any other information on what you need to finish off your quilt.

Remember – there’s no rush to finish your quilt.  Some of us have quilts from previous years to finish.  If you are not “feeling the love” for the quilt top you have, and would like to return it, please feel free to do so, someone else can finish it for you.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the bee in the coming years, please let any of the organization committee know your ideas.  Is there a better month to hold the bee next time?  Any room for improvement?  Does everyone still like the venue?  We’d love to improve the experience for the coming years.

If you were unable to make it to the bee and you’d like a quilt kit to make at home, I plan to bring a few kits to every meeting.  Please see Adrienne at the break at any meeting to sign out a kit.  If you are interested in finishing a quilt, please let Adrienne know. Thanks!

GREAT NEWS!  We have received the second instalment of the grant we were awarded from the Northern Credit Union.    We will be using the funds to purchase batting and backing for our quilts.  Thank you to the Northern Credit Union for this support.  It allows us to buy high quality batting and backing for our quilts, making for long lasting donations.  In recognition of their financial support, quilts that are made with materials purchased from this grant receive two labels, one of which identifies their support.  If you received batting at the bee, your quilt has benefited from this grant and needs two labels.  If you did not receive the labels, please let a committee member know and we will make sure you get the labels you need for your charity quilts.

Thank you everyone and keep up the great work!




Have you thought about making a Figit Quilt? Florence and I could provide you some tactile fabrics and notions to give it a try. Let us know if you’d like some starter materials. Figit Quilts can be almost any size however, we recommend that they fit in your lap and have a Velcro tie end to fasten to the chair or wheel chair.

Florence and Pat


Comfort Quilts


Jackie Black has kindly constructed many comfort quilts using the Hinge Method and the Quilted Squares brought in during the past two years. Jackie has agreed to continue if there is interest by members so we will continue to challenge members to make quilted 12.5-inch squares that can be used to make larger quilts. Please note that you can make any quilt square and then sandwich it with cotton or cotton/poly batting and a backing fabric to make a quilted square that should measure a minimum of 12.5 inches (so start with a 14 inch piece for backing and batting). Don’t trim your blocks as they may fray so blocks should be trimmed just prior to making the quilt tops. Almost any colours can be used but we recommend using a neutral (beige, red, blue, brown, black & white) backing and would like colours that will appeal to both males and females.

You can make any quilt square and then sandwich it with cotton or cotton/poly batting and a backing fabric to make a quilted square that should measure a minimum of 12.5 inches (so start with a 14 inch piece for backing and batting). Don’t trim your blocks as they may fray so blocks should be trimmed just prior to making the quilt tops. Almost any colours can be used but we recommend using a neutral backing and would like colours that will appeal to both males and females.

If you are making any quilt(s) for donation, the recommended sizes are given here. Also, see Pat or Florence for a Quilt Guild Label. A label is to be sewn onto the quilt – typically on the back bottom right side. Also remember that these quilts are washed frequently so stitching be every 4 to 6 inches. Thanks

If you have suggestions for worthy locations. We would need to know the potential use, number, appropriate size(s) and description of the recipients (ie. male and female seniors) along with the name of the location and contact information. This information helps the Committee to prioritize where to take the quilts locally.

In 2071-2018 we are launching a new project for next year called “Hope House”. We will be looking to donate bed and crib quilts for each room when they rebuild the facility after the fire.

See a listing of all the places we have delivered quilt to – click here.

A special project

The Donor Appreciation event and unveiling of the Recognition Wall at St. Joseph’s Hospital Hospice was held on Monday, November 18th at 7 pm. Shirley Aussant and Carol Forneri attended to represent the Thunder Bay Quilt Guild and all the members who helped create the 46 hospice quilts delivered. The remaining quilts were taken to the Hospice on Friday, November 15th. Photos will be posted on the website.

Over the past 20 years, the Thunder Bay Quilters Guild has donated 2200 comfort quilts to many different places. These quilts have always been greatly appreciated and recognized for their quality and the love and care involved in making them. In 2012/13, 118 quilts were donated, all cotton and made from kits, woof strips, leftovers etc. Thank you Quilters for your generous hearts making kits, organizing and attending Bees, working at home etc.

Recommended sizes:

  • Hospice Bed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..  63” x 80”
  • Neo Natal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36” x 36”
  • Crib . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34-36” x 48”
  • Wheel Chair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36” x 48”
  •  Nap Quilt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40” x 55-60”

Here is a list of the organizations we have delivered these quilts to:

  • St Joseph Hospice
  • St. Joseph Hospital (rehab)
  • George Jeffrey Children’s Place
  • Bethammi
  • Faye Peterson Shelter
  • Pinewood Court
  • Grandview
  • Dawson Court
  • Hogarth Riverview
  • Pioneer Ridge
  • Lakehead Manor (former Versa Care)
  • Thunder Bay Interim Long Term Care (closed, last donation June 2012)
  • Roseview Manor
  • Thunder Bay Regional Hospital – Cancer Care
  • Thunder Bay Regional Hospital – Paediatrics
  • Wesway

If you have suggestions for other locations, please provide the Comfort Quilt Committee a contact and location information (so the size and needs can be determined).  The focus should be on sites where the quilts will remain and be used multiple times. Thanks for your support.



Pet Bed Donations – Thunder Bay Humane Society

Pictured left to right: Diane Chase, Thunder Bay Quilters Guild, Shelley Eyolfson and Patti Dunfield of the Thunder Bay and District Humane Society.

The Thunder Bay Quilters Guild presented the Thunder Bay and District Humane Society with over thirty animal beds made by Guild members. The Guild hopes that these soft and cozy beds will give some comfort to animals in care. We will continue to supply beds to the Humane Society as they need them.


Orlando Heart Quilts


In June 2016, we announced that we would be collecting some blocks for the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild’s “Quilts for Pulse” campaign, to bring some comfort to the survivors and victim’s families of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Thank you to all the guild members who brought in blocks. We received 71 heart blocks and 6 rainbow slabs, enough to make 3 quilts! Thanks especially to Adrienne Lopes who quilted them all, and Laura Cooke who took them down to Orlando with her and delivered them in person! Here is a link to the Orlando MQG’s blog post of that meeting.

Read about the arrival of our quilts in the Orlando Quilt Guild’s newsletter at



Quilt BeesWhat is a Quilt Bee you ask?

One of the things this Guild has become known for is its generosity and community service projects. As a Guild, we get together for one day in the Fall or Spring to do an intensive Quilt Bee.

Next Bee
The idea behind the Guild’s Quilt Bee is to set a time and place where members can get together and create some quilt tops for the purpose of donating what we have made to the Senior’s Homes, Hospital, Hospice centre and the Neonatal unit, and at the same time having a great time socializing with the other members 2 of the Guild and getting to know each other. The great success of each year’s Bee is that it brings out a record number of members, and shows what beautiful quilts can be created when we work together. And the side benefit is that we had a lot of fun. We have on hand supplies and equipment, such as Cutting Mats, Irons, Ironing Boards, Rotary Cutters and Blades, Extension Cords, Batting, Fabric, and a number of Kits. The Kits we have are all “pre-cut” according to the pattern, and in most instances the backing, batting, and binding are all included. The only thing you need to bring is your sewing machine, neutral threads (as some machines are fussy), rulers and whatever supplies of your own you wish to use, such as your own rotary cutter and ruler. You may also want to bring along a lunch or a snack depending on how long you intend on staying. Your own closed travel mug will also be helpful in preventing spills. We will also be supplying some snacks, and of course Coffee and Tea. This year, we hope to get some of these kits made up into at least quilt tops. The pre-cutting saves time in that it allows us to get to the sewing much faster. We have tried to keep the patterns on the less complicated side, so we can hone in on those ¼ inch  seams, and piecing skills. There will be members from the Bee Committee on hand to help anyone that may be unsure or runs into any problems. If you, on the other hand, want to be a team leader, and have your own idea of a quilt top you want to make, go for it. We have fabric you can pick out and take to the Bee, and I am sure there will be members who are willing to be part of that project.

A reminder, you do not have to quilt the quilt top yourself, if you do not wish to do so. There have been some members who have thought they have to pay themselves to have the quilt tops quilted. This is not so. There are a number of Guild members who are very generous in donating their time to do just that. Also, don’t worry about getting a quilt top pieced together. If you can’t finish it, no matter what stage you are at, just bring it back, and we will get someone to finish it up. We appreciate any time you put in with getting these quilts done.








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