January 2015

Quilter’s Quill

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Challenge: To finish those quilt projects hidden in your sewing room!!!

There are many names for those unfinished quilt projects we all have stashed in our closets, under the bed or in drawers or bags…WIPs (works in progress), UFOs (unfinished objects), NFUFO (nearly finished UFOs), BBUFO (barely begun UFOs), PIPS (projects in process), WISPs (works in slow progress), WIVPs (works in very slow progress), PIGs (projects in grocery sacks). We started them because we liked them but for one reason or another we put them aside to finish at another time. Wouldn’t it be nice to see those quilt projects completed instead of hiding them away for a few more years? We have a challenge for you!!!Here are the rules. They are simple. The UFO Challenge wants to gently help you complete 10 projects in 2015 and a chance to win prizes too! How easy is that. Write down the names of those 10 unfinished projects on a list numbered 1 through 10. Make 2 copies of the list and hand one copy in when members of the Executive collect the lists at the January meeting. Each time you bring in a completed quilt (quilted and binding attached) it will be marked off your list and your name will be entered in a draw for some great prizes. The first member to finish all ten UFO projects will receive the “Grand Prize”. Think how proud you’ll be standing up at Show and Tell when you tell everyone “I finally finished this quilt”. The applause alone will make it worth the work. And remember, if you don’t want the quilt when you are finished with it, you can always think about donating it as a comfort quilt.

Program for January is by request from one of our members who asked for information on THREADS and NEEDLES. Remember that it is the needle that is the business end of the whole stitching process and that good quality thread will make all the difference in the piecing process….stay tuned for the rest of the program.

Show and Tell


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