April 18, 2016

Quilter’s Quill

Download the April Quill – round of applause to Joanne for the new design! Click here

Cindy’s Demo

Cindy will be doing some demo’s on various applique techniques before the meeting, https://yourbride.com/find-bride/ starting around 6:15. I will show you how to do invisible applique by machine and some tricks for Heat & Bond applique for getting sharp points when zig zagging the edges. I used the invisible applique on the hexi trivet (one of the April projects) instead of hand appliqueing. I thought everyone knew how to use your machine to emulate hand applique but apparently not. If time permits I will also talk about other finishing ideas for making your quilts the best – breaking some bad habits.


April is basket & other kitchen ideas. But I’ll still have kits from previous months available (last month’s birds make really cute Christmas ornaments). Adrienne made the one hour basket – she said it took about an hour and a half for the first one. You could make these in any size. I’ll have her sample at the meeting that was made in the size the pattern is for. I fell in love with hexis after taking the class with Cathy Ridley and Karen Boote. I made a variation of Cathy’s hexi trivet. Once the hexi flower is made the rest is really fast. Make them in any colour including Christmas. Lastly I’ll show you 2 different napkin baskets.

Other ideas for hexis: make the flower and turn it into a coaster – that’s what I did with the two I made in class. I’ll have my sample at the meeting.

For those of you who knit or crochet: everyone loves the knitted/crocheted cotton dish clothes. Also the nylon scrubbies. Leila Pettigrew has made some scrubbies that are nylon on one side and cotton on the other – best of both worlds. I love mine. Any of these would be great to sell in our booth as well.

  • May pattern: bibs
  • June patterns: mug rugs for all seasons and occasion

I was asked if we could do a sewing bee for some of these products. I’m going to ask Christina to check into booking Superior HS for a Saturday or Sunday before the May long weekend if there is enough interest. Then maybe again next spring. There are several patterns Cathy Ridley and I have that we can’t have Joanne reprint due to copyright but we will do a sewing day and have people make them. One is a really nice tool caddy – the one Cathy had at the hexi class.

Note to those who get printed copies of the Quill. The patterns are not printed with the Quill since printing colour gets expensive. So please ask a friend with a computer to print off the pattern for you if you’d like to make the project.

Show and Tell


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