In 2017, the Thunder Bay Quilters Guild (TBQG) is 36 years old. It began in 1981 with 30 members when they decided to form a guild from their group that had been meeting informally for a while. From those early beginnings has arisen an active guild that boasts about 200 today. Our members range in ages – from their early 20’s to in their mid-90’s. All share a love of fabrics, sewing and quilting; and enjoy sharing that with others.

Our members also range in their abilities: from beginners to experts. We also have members who are known nationally and internationally. Many of our members also teach or will mentor others.

Hall of Fame

Luci Andreacchi, 2013

Ann Agombar, 1999

Shirley Aussant, 2010

Jo Baarschers, 1996 *

Carol Bernardson, 2003*

Jackie Black, 1996

Angie Bragnalo, 1996

Jo Anne Brimmell, 1996 *

Cindy Cockell, 2009

Julie Cullen, 1998

Roberta Dafoe, 1997

 Doris Dungan, 2014

 Linda Guitard, 2010

Patricia Inch, 2014

 Stella Leiterman, 1996

Alva Lewellyn, 2010*

Margaret Marks, 2015

Joyce McKinnon, 1997

Marlene McRobb, 2012

Deb Ascher Palmquist, 2015

Marilyn Parker, 1999

Nelly Reedhead, 2010

Muriel Squires, 1996

Betty Wittingham, 1996

Celia Wijala, 1996

Lynne Wilson, 2015

Judith Wrigley, 2015

Norma Wynn, 2012


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