In 2021, the Thunder Bay Quilters Guild (TBQG) is 40 years old. It began in 1981 with 30 members when they decided to form a guild from their group that had been meeting informally for a while. From those early beginnings has arisen an active guild that boasts about 200 today. Our members range in ages – from their early 20’s to in their mid-90’s. All share a love of fabrics, sewing and quilting; and enjoy sharing that with others.

The Loon Logo was designed by Virginia Antoniak and constructed by Janet Rice-Bredin for Quilt Canada 1992. It represents the Loon with its outstretched wing welcoming all of the “Land of the Sleeping Giant”. The Great Nanabijou in his magnificent splendour, surrounded by stately great pines, likes sleeping in the harbour overlooked by the city of Thunder Bay. The Loon, Ontario’s provincial bird, with its haunting call, will make you vow to return to the quiet shores and the pristine lakes of Northwestern Ontario again and again.

Virginia Antoniak has used her high school art training and her keen interest in sketching from her natural surroundings to produce this exciting logo for Quilt Canada 1992. She says the theme of the logo design was influenced by her paternal grandmother’s native ancestry.

The Quilt Canada 1992 Loon Logo Quilt was appraised for insurance purposes by Rita Rolt in 1996 for a value of $1,225.00.

Our members also range in their abilities: from beginners to experts. We also have members who are known nationally and internationally. Many of our members also teach or will mentor others.

Hall of Fame

Luci Andreacchi, 2013

Ann Agombar, 1999

Shirley Aussant, 2010

Jo Baarschers, 1996 *

Carol Bernardson, 2003*

Maria Bell 2020

Jackie Black, 1996

Angie Bragnalo, 1996

Jo Anne Brimmell, 1996 *

Cindy Cockell, 2009

Julie Cullen, 1998

Roberta Dafoe, 1997

 Doris Dungan, 2014

 Linda Guitard, 2010*

Patricia Inch, 2014

 Stella Leiterman, 1996

Alva Lewellyn, 2010*

Adrienne Lopes, 2020

Margaret Marks, 2015

Joyce McKinnon, 1997

Marlene McRobb, 2012

Aila Metsa, 2019

Judy Murphy, 2019

Deb Ascher Palmquist, 2015

Marilyn Parker, 1999

Nelly Reedhead, 2010

Carol Richards, 2019

Cathy Ridley 2020

Peggy Skillen 2021

Muriel Squires, 1996

Betty Wittingham, 1996

Celia Wijala, 1996

Lynne Wilson, 2015

Judith Wrigley, 2015

Norma Wynn, 2012

The Memory Quilt

The “Memory Quilt” was a millennium project, guild members were challenged to make quilt blocks with this theme. For two years the blocks were in waiting to be put together, this was done by Gillian Steedman. It was decided it would be a “Memorial Quilt” in honour of the guild’s deceased members. Deloraine Papich researched the names and Alicyn Papich, her daughter, wrote their names in permanent ink on the quilt top and Deloraine bound it. We proudly display this quilt at our Quilt Shows.

If anyone knows of any additional information about our Memory Quilt please do not hesitate to share.


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