Figit Quilts and Muffs

What an amazing Figit Quilt Bee held at the Vickers Heights Community Centre in January.  Thanks to Pat and Iris for organizing.


Have you thought about making a Figit Quilt? Figit quilts are small textured touchy/feely blankets or squares that are washable and safe for children and seniors. They are wonderful items to amuse and occupy time. We have some pattern suggestions if anyone is interested or there are lots of options if you search on the internet. We have some supplies of lace, textured fabrics and other notions so let us know if you want some starter materials.

Florence and I could provide you some tactile fabrics and notions to give it a try. Let us know if you’d like some starter materials. Figit Quilts can be almost any size however, we recommend that they fit in your lap and have a Velcro tie end to fasten to the chair or wheel chair.

In general for this construction method, squares can be 6-8”. Then the final product would be squares put together to make something bigger than a placemat. For example, 16”x24”, or 24”x24”. The fidget quilt is then finished like a regular quilt with batting and backing and quilting through all three layers. NOTE: if the backing can be made from a non-slippery fabric that won’t slide off a lap, that would be better. A binding can be applied or finish with the pillowcase method. Here are some examples of the types of figit blocks to make:
Texture: Any fabric that feels different. Fur and soft fabrics are a favourite.
Trims: Provides texture and movement. Can be applied flat on fabric or to emphasize something like a pocket. Pockets and belt loops from garments can also be used.
Noise: Canning lids, crinkle plastic (chip bag, cereal box liner, frozen food bag) either flat and under another piece of fabric or in a tube. Place no more than one noise making element in the finished product.
Movement: Items that can be pulled or moved. Ensure that items are mouth/chewing safe (no wooden pieces, or any beads that look like candy). Also, reinforce all seams.
Velcro: Pulls, flaps with something hidden underneath, or an object that can come on and off with elastic or ribbon. Ensure that the loop (soft) side of the Velcro is on the piece that will be handled the most.
Zippers: Zipper “to no where” with a contrasting fabric underneath, or a small zippered bag. Securely attach something to the zipper pull to make it easier to grab.

Pat and Florence

NEW ** – here is a link to a great new site with LOTS of ideas

Here are some examples of some crocheted muffs (pattern to come)


Twiddlemuff Pattern

Figit Quilt Ideas


Clicks – I made these clicks additions for Fidget quilts and inserted elastic that can be sewn into seams or the outside binding.  The used tops can be clicked –  some louder than others. Really easy to make as long as the material is sturdy and doesn’t fray easily.  Try one,I

Marble Mazes are cut at 6.5 inches and channels can be sewn at 2:25 and 4:25, leaving 1.5 inch for opening or 1.75, 3.25, and 4.75 if using a small marble.  Soft but durable fabric is recommended.

Taggy Blankets can be made scrappy or using leftover flannel or fleece with crinkly fabric or batting inside.  I stitch the ribbons to one piece before sandwiching the layers and sewing around, leaving an opening to turn right sides out.  A larger stitch is recommended for top stitching around and to hold the layers in place for washing.  To quilt these, I like a simple star to hold but also have done a single heart, daisy or other pattern.

These are great ways to use up some scraps.

Figit Sleeves

Alzheimer Society – fidget sleeve pattern

There are also lots of patterns on Pinterest and Facebook.