Teddy Bear Quilts

Every year the Thunder Bay Quilters Guild contribute to the Christmas Cheer fund by making quilts, pillowcases or sleeping bags for teddy bears or other stuffed animals. These are collected at the November Guild meeting. They can be handed in earlier if members know that they will not be at the November meeting. Please remember to take the price tags off the teddy bear and do not put labels on the quilts. These quilts and stuffies are from Santa.

Here are some more patterns for small quilts. They are easy to make with charm squares or smaller squares and half square triangles. The other thing that I have used to make a Teddy Bear quilt is a fat quarter and added borders to make a 30 x 30 quilt. These are small quilts for a child so they don’t have to be fancy, just colourful and with a child motif to appeal to a small child. Pillowcases are also accepted. What child wouldn’t like a new pillowcase with animals or other child motif on it?Remember no labels on the quilts (these bears and their quilts come from Santa) and it should be large enough to wrap your bear up like a baby; swaddled in its quilt. Please don’t hand them into the committee until the November meeting.

Teddy Bear’s friends

  Butterfly Quilt

  Chevron Heart Pattern



  Heart Pattern


  Oh my stars

  Pixelated Heart

  Quick Teddy Bear or Lap Quilt Using a Charm Pack

Squares and Strips

  Star Teddy Bear Quilt

 Teddy Bear Heart Quilt

   3 Stars Quilt