It is time to renew your membership or become a new member of the Thunder Bay Quilters Guild.  More information coming soon.


  1. Download the 2022/2023-TBQGMembership Form and save it to your computer.
  2. Open the saved form on your computer and complete the information. Please complete all sections, even if your information hasn’t changed from last year. Save it again.
  3. Send the pdf by email to or print and mail a copy to 1100 Memorial Avenue, Suite 213, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 4A3
  4. Payment of your membership fee – e-transfer $40.00 (before October 17 or $45 after this date) to  If you have any questions about this, please contact Rebecca at  Fees can also be paid by cheque (made out to the Thunder Bay Quilters Guild) and mailed to the Memorial Avenue address.
  5. All members will receive a confirmation email that will include an information sheet about the Guild.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any of the Executive

Adrienne Lopes, President – email

Ellen Olson, Vice President – email

Rebekah Howes, Treasurer – email

Jennifer Quick, Secretary – email

Iris Maxwell, Program Co-Chair – email

The Thunder Bay Quilters Guild is a forum that is open, inclusive and respectful.  We hope to create opportunities for quilters to meet and exchange ideas and expertise.  Our members will gather to support and promote interest and quality of work in quilting as one of the art forms – both as a heritage craft and emerging art forms.

We are looking forward to the upcoming year- hope you will join us!

“Life is less a quest than a quilt. We find meaning, love, and prosperity through the process of stitching together our bold attempts to help others find their own way in their lives. The relationships we weave become an exquisite and endless pattern.”  Keith Ferrazzi

Join us – we have members of all ages.

  • 2022/2023-TBQGMembership Form
  • $40 if paid on or before the date of the regular October meeting
  • $45 if renewing or joining after the regular October meeting date
  • $35 for New Members from March to June 2024

Waived for Hall of Fame inductees in the first year after induction

Visitors may attend one meeting before payment of membership fee is required.

Q. Why join the Quilt Guild?

A. Tough Question to answer as there are so many reasons – and they differ for each of us. So, I’ll just list some of my reasons;

• New ideas – I planned a camp quilt for one of my sisters (I have four) but changed patterns when I found some interesting fleece that begged to be mated with a disappearing 4-patch top. She’ll love it!

• Friendship – you can never have too many friends and quilters are such nice people. There is always someone that shares their stories and the same interests. I feel famous when someone recognizes me outside of the meetings (Thanks Jackie for chatting last week at the Open House)

• (Free) Advice – sometimes without asking. I inherited a full bag of neckties when my father passed away and my mom needed to clear house. She said “make something with them. I’m sure you could do a quilt”. Not being very imaginative, I was thrilled when Bobbie showed off her tie purse and even more thrilled when Della and Maggie offered more pattern ideas. My sisters and mom loved their tie purses (although I still have ties and my mom still expects a quilt to be made) • Inspiration – Show & Tell is the highlight (or tied with Alva’s demo project). Everyone should feel comfortable to show their work and tell a little about their journey. Helen inspires me to try new things as she continues to do so. You never know what may help others with their projects.

• Synergy – without involvement of the members in Quilt Bees, group and individual projects there wouldn’t be the Community work possible. Placemats for Meals on Wheels and the Comfort Quilts for local homes. Many hands make it possible to make a difference in the community as evident with the Hospice Quilts that are being cherished at St. Joe’s. I’ve been to visit and tear up seeing how much nicer the room looks with the Quilts (thanks Elaine, Florence, Shirley and many others)

• Youth – I feel giddy when something new is attempted (even when success is not always the outcome). Laughter is great medicine and it is wonderful to see our youngest members (and you know who I am referring to) take on the challenges of keeping the Guild alive.

Ask yourself what you’d like to get out of being a Guild member and what you can do to help make it happen. Members make the Guild and there are many opportunities to get involved. Why not try something new? Pat Inch

Become a member of the Thunder Bay Quilters Guild. Membership has it’s advantages :

Library: We have an extensive library collection and members may borrow up to three (3) books per month with a valid library card.  These are issued with your membership card. We are in the process of organizing a monthly Library Evening – stay tuned for upcoming dates.

Buy/Sell/Trade: The cork board on the back of the library cabinet is available to advertise items needed or for sale items. Or post the items on our Facebook page

Visitors – come and attend a meeting before you join.  Try us, you’ll like us!

Download the TBQG-Membership Form-2021/2022

The Thunder Bay Quilters Guild’s 

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